Monday, June 27, 2022

Senior Indian politicians rubbish Modi govt’s surgical strike claim


KARACHI: Senior Indian politicians lash out at their government over the claim of surgical strike carried out inside Pakistan and demand evidences for the claim, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

Former Indian home minister P Chidambaram has demanded proof of the surgical strike.

“It is up to the present government to give proof of the surgical strikes. We cannot cut off all engagement with Pakistan,” he said while giving interview to a news channel.

Indian congress leader Sanjay Nirupam called the surgical strike ‘fake’.

“Every Indian wants surgical strikes against Pakistan but not a fake one just to extract political benefits,” he said.

He said he was not aware whether the surgical strike was true or fake, however he felt as if it was fake, unless the Indian government gave him a proof.

CM New Delhi and Aam Aadmi leader Arvind Kejriwal has also questioned authenticity of India’s surgical strike in Pakistan.

The Indian government has failed to come up with a rational answer to the questions of proof of the surgical strike. In fact, in an indirect reference towards the surgical strike, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a recent statement said neither India has attacked any country nor it was hungry for territory or other state.

Indian Union Minister and the ruling party’s leader Nitin Gadkari said those asking for proofs were raising question on capability of Indian Army.

When chief of Indian Air Force was asked about the surgical strike he refrained from answering it terming it a sensitive issue.


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