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Five Most Talked About Secret Societies


In order to raise awareness on the subject of secret societies, we have decided to point out the 5 most widespread societies like that.


Known around the world for their exceptional secrecy, the Freemasons created their society in 1717. There are three membership levels in this society, and the person that reaches the third degree is referred to as a Master Mason.

It is known that they perform all of their regular meetings in a ritualized fashion, as well as that they refer to God as the “Great Architect of the Universe.” A Mason can recognize another member of their society by certain signs or handshakes.

Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones is a secret Yale University society, previously called the Brotherhood of Death. It is also one of the oldest secret student societies in the US. All meetings include special rituals, and they have been held every Thursday and Sunday since the society was established in 1832. The meetings are held in the building of Skull and Bones, otherwise known as the “Tomb.”

The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar is a society that was largely inspired by Masonry. Although they do not have a tie to the original Knights Templar (which was a 12th century religious military group), they still choose to borrow some of their ideas and certain symbols. Only two types of people are allowed to join this society – Christians and Master Masons.

Ordo Templis Orientis

Known as OTO (or Order of the Temples of the East), it is a society that is based on the religious system Thelema. It is a society founded by Aleister “Great Beast” Crowley.

The Order of the Temples of the East claims that they currently have over three thousand members worldwide. Their most holy ritual is called the Gnostic Mass and is very unique, as it invokes the ancient Gods of Egypt, as well as the Devil

The Illuminati

Probably the most talked about secret society in the world, The Illuminati was founded in 1776. It is a movement of freethinkers in which many influential intellectuals and politicians took part in. The Illuminati is especially popular among atheists, due to the fact that a belief in a supreme being is not required in order to become a member.

Some people believe that this society collapsed entirely in the 18th century, while others think that it is still operating today, but that it became even more secretive now. Many also believe that the Illuminati is still managing the main actions of the governments all across the globe, and that they wish to create a One World Government based on atheist principles.

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