Sunday, September 25, 2022

Fake CNIC, passport holders to get 7-year imprisonment: Nisar


He was addressing a press conference where he announced the decision. Nisar said that government officials either in NADRA or passport office would be given 14 years imprisonment for issuing falsified documents.

‘It is unbearable for any sovereign and democratic nation that its citizenship is being sold,’ lamented Nisar who said government officials involved in the issuing falsified documents had sold the sanctity and solidarity of the country.

Nisar said that he had issed 48 hours notice to NADRA to come up with a plan to verify all the issued NICs. This has created huge criticism which many saying that it had would be a waste of time and resources. However, there can be no compromise on the security of the nation.

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He said that all the issued NICs would be re-verified within six months. However, they will establish a directorate which will target 25 million families in the country.

He recalled that a similar issue was raised when cellular companies were ordered to verify all SIM cards. They had threatened to pull their investment out of the country and had told the Prime Minister that the task was virtually impossible.

However, the task was completed as they had told cellular firms that criminal cases would be launched against the presidents of their companies if their SIM was used in terrorism activities.

Nisar said that two months have to given to anyone who possesses a falsified NIC or passport to voluntarily return it and no questions would be asked. Also, a similar two month grace period has been issued to any government official who has facilitated in or has knowledge of anyone involved in using a falsified NIC or passport. Afterwards, criminal cases will be initiated against them.

He said that Directorate of Immigration and Passport has been notified and a helpline will be established to assist those involved whose cards have been blocked on the pretext of blocking cards of foreigners. He said that the directorate will be required to send reports which will seen overseen by a parliamentary committee.

Nisar said that Wali Muhammad’s NIC was issued manually in 2001 but no action was taken. His passport was issued in 2005 and was renewed in 2011 and was due for renewal in October of the current year. This was not an excuse that it was issued by previous government. He said that in only 25 passports will blacklisted in 2006, and 236 were blocked between 2010-13. Nisar boasted that 29,000 passports were blacklisted in the last two years of his tenure.



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