Friday, September 30, 2022

Man arrested for sexually harassing girls during job interview


KARACHI: At a time when the whole world is debating the issue, ARY News’ Sar-e-Aam team got an influential man arrested for sexually harassing girls during job interviews.

The man named Nadeem Ahmed was caught on camera sexually harassing and demanding sexual favours from at least two girls during the job interview.

The man who owned a company named Ansari Enterprises used to give an advertisement to several newspapers calling girls for a job interview only to demand sexual favours in return for the job.

As Sar-e-Aam team received his complaint from a former volunteer, the team urged the girl to go for a job interview and as expected, the man not only sexually harassed her but also made it clear that she will get the job if she is”open minded” and demanded sexual favours.

The sexual predator also tried to hug the job applicant several times.

To ascertain if the man used to do it with every other girl, Sar-e-Aam sent another volunteer and this time the applicant clearly said that she is orphan and needy but Nadeem Ahmed, while promising extra income, clearly demanded sexual favours.

As Sar-e-Aam team along with police raided his office to arrest him, the man denied sexually harassing any of the girls but when Iqrar-ul-Hassan showed him the video evidence, he accepted his crime.


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