Monday, August 8, 2022

Will reveal to world irrefutable evidence of subversive Indian agenda: FM


ISLAMABAD:  Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said on Saturday that Pakistan will present irrefutable evidence of Indian violation and subversive activities across the border to the world, ARY News reported.

He said Pakistan will expose notorious Indian ventures to sabotage Afghan peace process and to use Afghan land to play out terrorist activities in Pakistan.

We will take this issue up with the Organization of Islamic Countries and will also disclose the evidence to all the international ambassadors so they know what it is that India is after.

“This one sided narrative ends today,” he said in a tweet.

Speaking in the context of impending Gilgit Baltistan elections slated for tomorrow, he said evidence suggests India is planning and funding miscreant expeditions there and in Azad Kashmir.

Make no mistake, Pakistan will duly retaliate, he said responding to the collected evidence “clearly suggesting Indian agenda”.

“For too long India has gotten away with state-sponsored terrorism & cultivating seeds of hatred across the border.”

He said Pakistan will present to the world the evidence of Indian ulterior motives that Pakistan has successfully revealed.

“Today we presented irrefutable evidence to the world on Indian state’s insatiable appetite for terrorism, violence & instability.”

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the FM said India has now been proved to be involved in the funding of banned outfits and arming of terrorists.

He said Pakistan has compiled the evidence of Indian savage attacks on innocent civilians and also of its desperate attempts to lobby against Pakistani growing global role towards peace & progress.

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“India has become a rogue state,” he said adding that it is time world wakes up to an Indian state that is “only incredible in its fanaticism”.

He stated Pakistan will not be deterred from its commitment towards fostering of relationships “built on peace, harmony and stability, for the prosperity of all”.

“Equally, we will not be deterred from exposing those who stand for the very opposite.”



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