Sunday, October 2, 2022

Shaharyar Khan invites chairman ICC to visit Lahore


LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan has invited Chairman International Cricket Council (ICC) Shashank Manohar to visit Lahore next month.

Shaharyar Khan confirmed that he has invited the former BCCI and the current ICC boss to visit Lahore in August.

“Manohar said he will look into the invitation and try to make it. But nothing is confirmed yet,” the Times of India quoted Shaharyar Khan.

As per the sources, Khan has invited Manohar to attend his farewell which will be given to him by the board and to discuss affairs like World XI tour to Pakistan.

“The idea behind inviting Manohar to Lahore is to also finalise the World XI’s tour to Pakistan in September as the ICC has shown its support for the tour,” the source told.

Najam Sethi, who is likely to take over the post left by Shaharyar Khan after completing his three year long tenure, told that the World XI tour can be an important step in restoring international cricket in Pakistan.

“We see the World XI tour as the beginning of good times for Pakistan cricket and that is why we are giving it so much importance,” Sethi said.

Khan further told that Sri Lanka is likely to tour Pakistan, they have invited Ireland in the recent times as well but they have asked for monetary fees.

“We had invited Ireland in recent times but they have asked for fees to come to Pakistan and right now we are not in a position to afford such expenses,” Shaharyar said.


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