Monday, June 27, 2022

Police file interim charge sheet in Shahbaz Tatla murder case


LAHORE: Police investigators have filed an interim charge sheet in the sessions court against suspects including Mufakhar Adeel and Asad Bhatti over allegedly murdering former assistant advocate general Shahbaz Tatla.

The charge sheet filed by the police officials made terrifying revelations regarding the murder of the senior lawyer Shahbaz Tatla whose dead body had been dissolved in acid after being suffocated to death by the accused persons.

According to the charge sheet, Mufakhar Adeel and Asad Bhatti had intoxicated Shahbaz Tatla after abducting him from Kalma Chowk. Tatla had been taken to a storeroom in the residence where Mufakhar Adeel allegedly tapped his mouth and nose. Later, the former lawyer had been suffocated to death after a pillow ended up on his head by Adeel.

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Both suspects had dragged the dead body to a blue-coloured drum and poured acid into it which dissolved the Tatla’s body. The investigators also claimed in the charge sheet that the culprits emptied the drum in the gutter of the residence and threw the drum, acid, pillow, Tatla’s clothes and other belongings to a nullah.

Murder Case

Earlier on March 10, police had announced the arrest of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Mufakhir Adeel for his alleged role in Shahbaz Ahmad Tatla murder case.

SSP Adeel and Tatla had gone missing on Feb 7, 2020. The police had started a search for the body on the revelation of co-accused Asad Bhatti, a common friend of both the victim and the suspect. After a month of disappearance, SSP Mufakhar Adeel surrendered to the police.

The Model Town police had also released an image of the imprisoned cop showing a grown beard on his face. The SSP had no beard at the time when the victim Shahbaz Ahmad Tatla was murdered.


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