Thursday, October 6, 2022

Shamoon Abbasi stranded in Thailand calls for help


Actor Shamoon Abbasi, who is currently stranded in Thailand along with his crew members due to the coronavirus pandemic, has called for the government to help him.

He recently took to social media and said he is hoping for a positive news. “The problem is that all flights have been cancelled. The Pakistan International Airlines will bring people back from other countries but there has been no mention of a rescue flight to Thailand, he wrote.

The 46-year-old went onto add that he didn’t have an idea situation will get this worse. He talked about the difficulties he and his colleagues are facing in Thailand. “We have been stuck here for 10-12 days. This is taking a hit on our finances as expenses continue to rise.”

Shamoon shared that he is stuck with 2o people including four other actors – Mohib Mirza, Sara Lauren, Sanam Saeed and Imam Syed – and 14 crew members.

“We had to cancel our shooting due to the lockdown. We are all in healthy conditions and taking as many precautions as we can in the hope that we can return to Pakistan without causing any problems. We are more than willing to go through protocols such as quarantine and coronavirus tests.”

He and his team hopes to return to Pakistan soon.


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