Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Shaniera Akram demands to “Fix Karachi”


Philanthropist Shaniera Akram demands to remove bandaids and start to fix what is broken in Karachi.

The activist took to Twitter to post a series of tweets for Karachi; a city which seems severely dilapidated. “As the fog clears in our city we see the devastation clearly. Our peoples’ will to survive is taken over by their will to live. And as the aftermath presents itself, a race to fix the city begins. The trophy is standing in the spotlight, one that is worth the smile of millions because we all know that The Hand that rocks Karachi, Rules the World,” she wrote.

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She mentioned the people of Karachi are in survival mode for so long. She continued, “A city built without foundation banded together through the tough times. Now those times are easing and we see the mess we have been living amongst.” She urged, “Now is the time to remove the bandaids & start to fix what is broken.”

For the people who compare Karachi with any other part of the country, she asserted, “It’s really not fair to compare Karachi to the rest of the country. If the people of Karachi never had to spend all their money & resources saving our sick, schooling our poor and feeding our hungry we probably would have been able to build some pretty amazing things!”

Albeit being a part of Sindh, Shaniera says, Karachi is so much more, for, it represents the whole nation for the diversity it offers. “We should pride ourselves on that! Everyone who lives in this city now calls it home, and no one can take that away from them. We are Karachi!”

Even today, the CEO of The Akram Foundation has posted a photo of beach cleaning workers writing, “Meet THE INCREDIBLES, our Heroes who wear their uniform proudly like armour protecting them from their filthy nemesis, the ugly monster that is consuming our city and washing up on our beach. They fight the good fight everyday so that our children can play safety on our beach.”

A few days back, Shaniera declared the Karachi beach in a state of emergency following ‘biohazardous waste’ washed up on the shore posing a serious health hazard. She posted a video of medical waste dumped on Clifton beach. It included used syringes, vials of blood, broken glass medical containers, amid other disposed material. However, the area was cordoned off for cleaning by the authorities.

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