Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sharjeel asks MQM to refrain from 'playing' politics on tragedies


Addressing a press conference at the Commissioner House Karachi, Sharjeel Memon suggested Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) to refrain from doing politics over national tragedies.

He assured that a thorough probe regarding the incident will be held and the government will compensate the affected masses.

The minister said that politicizing such a tragedy is same as doing injustice to the people of Karachi.

He demanded the ones leveling allegations to elaborate before the people at what time they had reached out to the site of the incident.

Turning down the allegations leveled by MQM Rabita Committee, Memon said even if these allegations are admitted for a moment, then MQM should explain how the third-degree fire was extinguished.

“If the government machinery was not there at the fire site, then who quenched the blaze”, he questioned.

Castigating MQM, Sharjeel Memon asked the ones demanding his resignation to tell the nation that when the May 12 incident occurred in Karachi, did Waseem Akhter step down from his post.

He explained that the Sindh Government had allocated more than 3 billion rupees for the purchase of new fire-tenders, however the court issued a stay order against it and now mini fire-tenders are being purchased keeping narrow and difficult-to-access alleys of Karachi in view.


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