Saturday, August 20, 2022

WATCH: Fisherman shares how he’s been chased regularly by ‘200 sharks’


Encountering sharks is considered a life-threatening event, however, a fisherman claimed that he has been chased regularly by 200 sharks at a time.

Fisherman Wayne McManus, who works off the Gold Coast of Australi, shared his experience in a YouTube video, saying that people often have a misconception about how many sharks can be there in the water at a given time.

Wayne knows this better than others because he has gone on to reveal that he has regularly been chased by 200 sharks.

Sounds unbelievable, however,  Wayne McManus has been sharing videos online to show what a fisherman can experience in the waters. In one of his videos, he showed how dozens of these fishes sharks were chasing them down.

“That’s just, like, an everyday occurrence to us, you might see 100 to 200, ya know, it just all depends. See, people don’t realize how many sharks there are around out at sea, ya know, people only see pictures of them,” said Wayne.

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Wayne said fishes of this kind have now become accustomed to ‘easy meals’ due to the number of boats that are out fishing on the seas.

“Whenever we winch the nets up, like, the sharks get attracted to the noise of the engines, and with the bright lights, whenever the lights come on the sharks get to know there’s food coming, and that’s what attracts them around the vessels,” he explained.

Due to the large number of boats in the seas, the risks for fishermen have increased nowadays, Wayne reveals.


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