Saturday, May 21, 2022

Sharmeen Ali shares diet plan for staying healthy


Actor Sharmeen Ali has a strict diet plan to keep herself in shape and revealed how she keeps herself healthy. 

Sharmeen Ali came as a guest on the ARY Digital’s morning show Good Morning Pakistan. She shared her tips with the viewers. 

The actor claimed she checks her weight two to three times a day. She added she only allows herself to eat meals weighing from a total of 500 to 600 grams each day.

The Pardes said she excludes sugar even if it comes in natural ingredients items such as fruits

Sharmeen Ali, who received praise for her performance in Ruswai, added she eats butter-made two to three eggs for breakfast. She said olive oil and ghee are alternatives.

She added of including salt and spice to add flavour. She admitted she avoids including sauces in meals as it comes with hidden carbs.  

As far as her lunch is concerned, she eats butter-made breast fillets of around 200 grams with salt and spice. She said she includes cheese and cream if she feels more hungry. She said it keeps her full for four to five hours. 

Sharmeen Ali said she cheats on her diet plan if feeling the need to eat something in the evening. She said she keeps walnuts, peanuts and almonds with her.

The actor added she eats a big bowl of raw vegetable salad made of lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, olives and mushrooms for dinner. She said avocados may be included as it is creamy and there will be no need for dressing.


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