Monday, August 15, 2022

Shehzad Roy expresses concern on Karachi’s environmental conditions


Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy regretting the poor sanitation conditions in Karachi said he does not know about the port city but nature will not forgive us for this mess.

The veteran artist made the comments after Karachi made it to the list of the world’s least livable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

Karachi ranked 168 amongst 173 cities in the list of the world’s least liveable cities in the world in the latest ranking.

The city – with an index score of 37.5 – primarily suffered due to poor stability and healthcare. Its healthcare score was 33.3, which was better than that of Dhaka (29.2) and even Douala, Cameroon, both cities which sat several ranks above Karachi.

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It scored 35.2 for culture and environment above Tripoli but far less than the 40.5 of Dhaka or even 44.9 of Lagos.

As far as education was concerned, Karachi had a score of 66.7, far above Dhaka (41.7) and even Tehran (50) – both cities which were ranked far higher than Karachi.


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