Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Those scoring political points on massacre have no humanity, Shibli Faraz tweets


ISLAMABAD: In an apparent jibe at opposition politicians who visited Quetta to meet Hazara mourners the federal information and broadcast minister Shibli Faraz said Friday those scoring political points on Machh massacre have left humanity behind, ARY News reported.

On his Twitter account following Maryam Nawaz’s press talk, he defended the earlier remarks by Prime Minister Imran Khan who said “No premier is blackmailed like this in any country” earlier today, by claiming the words blackmail were for the opposition politicians who turn crisis into point-scoring.

“The Prime Minister equally shares the pain of the bereaved families,” he said.

He added in his tweet that the Prime Minister considers it amongst his foremost responsibilities to guarantee justice for the victims of Machh massacre.

READ: PM Imran promises to visit Quetta once Hazaras bury slain miners

It may be noted that earlier today, Prime Minister Imran Khan promised to visit the families of slain coal miners to express solidarity with them once they have buried their loved ones.

“If the bereaved families bury them today, I will go to Quetta today to meet the families of the deceased” the prime minister pledged while speaking at an event in Islamabad.

He said all of their demands had been met as of Thursday but the Hazara mourners were insisting on his visit to Quetta as a condition for the burial of the victims, which, he said, is uncalled for.


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