Thursday, August 11, 2022

SHO found guilty of sexually abusing motorcyclist woman


SUKKUR: The Khairpur Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Ghulam Ali Jamani-led inquiry has on Wednesday found Khoro SHO guilty in attempting to rape the woman who earlier this week visited the police station for lodging a complaint, ARY News reported.

The woman, while she was being inflicted the sexual abuse by police station staff, screamed which gathered the locals around, the DSP’s inquiry report found.

After the woman experienced the abuse, she went to Sukkur Press Club and held a press conference claiming to the media the treatment meted out to her, which prompted the DIG to direct an inquiry into the matter.

The SSP then announced, after the inquiry report found the SHO guilty of the charge, that he has been suspended by the authorities.

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It was reported two days ago on ARY News that the Khairpur woman claimed the Khoro Police Station SHO and his subordinates attempted to sexually abuse her when she went to the station to lodge a complaint against the locals in her area harassing her over her riding motorbike.

I went to the Khora police station to lodge a formal complaint against how the people in my neighborhood harassed me for riding a motorbike for my commute, the proclaimed victim Tehmina Khilji said, adding that it was then that the SHO and his subordinates sexually abused her.

The SHO took me to police mobile where he and his personnel abused me and assaulted me when I resisted their abuse, the woman said staging her protest outside the Sukkur Press Club. She said she went to the station with her friend after a falling out with people.


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