Saturday, September 25, 2021

Shoaib Malik’s biggest fan gets her wish fulfilled


RAWALPINDI: Shoaib Malik’s biggest fan had just one wish to meet the star cricketer.


Differently-abled Mariyum turned up to meet him during a match of the Pakistan Cup being held at the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium.

“This is Mariyum, she is a fan of Shoaib Malik, and has come to watch his match,” said a man accompanying her.

“She has seen his performance, and was very excited on the way while coming here.”

Shoaib Malik emerges from the pavilion to meet her, and also snaps a photograph with her.

The reaction from Mariyum to see her wish fulfilled is priceless, and thanks him in her own way.

“Malik came and met her and took a pic with her,” said her caretaker.

“She is very happy and is saying Thank You to Shoaib Malik.”

A message from Pakistan Cricket Board said “Thank you Marium, your courage and passion for cricket is hugely inspiring.”

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