Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Woman forced to spit and lick her own saliva by panchayat in India!


MUZAFFARPUR, Bihar: A woman in an Indian village was given the most bizarre punishment when a local council (panchayat) ordered her to lick her own saliva in front of the villagers.

After the shocking incident, the woman filed a complaint against panchayat members. In her complaint, the victim Devi alleged that on Sunday she was called by village panchayat to settle a rent dispute with her tenant Arun Singh, where she and her family members were threatened.

“When I reached Bishunpur mutt, where the panchayat had been convened, Singh and his family members threatened to eliminate us. Even panchayat members supported his claim on the dispute. When my husband and I refused to follow the orders of the panchayat members, they forced me to spit on the ground and lick the saliva,” Devi said in her application.

“Singh has hired a shop, located in my market complex at Naya Bazar, Bishupur. He also signed an agreement with me on December 15, 2016 to pay Rs 2,500 per month as rent. However, he was paying only Rs 2,000. Recently, I was informed that narcotics were being sold from the shop he has hired. So, my husband asked him to vacate the premises. But, he refused and called a panchayat to settle the matter,” she said.

Singh, however, set aside the allegations levelled against him, but admitted to the dispute with Devi. “Yes, I have some dispute with Devi and her husband. But, it is related to payment of advance and not rent,” he said.

A case has been registered in this regard and further investigation is underway.

Video via: ANI


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