Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Clothing store’s manager confesses installing hidden camera in women’s trial room


FAISALABAD: The manager of a renowned clothing brand’s outlet confessed to installing hidden cameras inside the store’s trial room for women, ARY News reported on Monday.

The outlet’s manager, who is under arrest, has confessed during police interrogation that he and his staff placed the camera in the women’s trial room since the last two months at their outlet located in the People’s Colony area in Faisalabad.

However, he maintained that they deleted the videos from the personal computer, and never uploaded any content on social media.

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The scandal came to light on February 7 after the hidden camera were detected inside the women’s trial room by a customer prompting police to take action.

Police on Friday arrested two men including the regional and district manager. They were interrogated in the People’s Colony police station by superintendent police Madina division.

District Manager Imran was booked under Section 352 and 509, and his mobile data was also collected. Earlier, the shop manager and salesman were arrested a day after the scandal rose. The store owner was also nominated but has not been arrested yet.


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