Tuesday, August 16, 2022

‘Shopping cart serial killer’ held for murdering female victims   


A suspected serial killer who used to murder his female victims and carry their remains in a shopping cart has been arrested by the police in a United States (US) county.

The incident was reported in the Fairfax County of Virginia in the United States, where police said that the suspected serial killer, a term used by the authorities after nearly three decades in the county, is blamed for murdering four victims.

Identified as Anthony Robinson, the police claimed in a presser that they named the suspect the “shopping cart killer” because “he transports their bodies to their final resting place literally in a shopping cart.”

They further said that only two of the victims were identified, with one not with the surety, owing to the bad decomposition state of the bodies dumped the suspect.

The suspected serial killer Robinson was arrested in November after two women, Tonita Lorice Smith and Allene “Beth” Redmon, were found dead in a vacant lot in Harrisonburg.

He was charged with two counts of murder and two counts of concealing, transporting, or altering a dead body. Police said at the time Smith and Redmon’s bodies were discovered “within a short distance of each other, though their deaths took place at different times.”

Investigators believe Robinson targeted women using dating websites and meeting them at a motel.


Detectives had reason to believe Brown traveled to the Moon Inn. Investigators and a cadaver dog searched the inn but did not find any evidence.

On Dec. 15, investigators returned to the area around the Moon Inn and reportedly found a shopping cart, as well as a “lone container.”

Investigators looked inside the container and observed what appeared to be human remains, which they believed were Brown’s. Investigators then found the remains of an unknown victim. Davis described the vessel as a “large plastic container.”


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