Tuesday, August 16, 2022

SHOs told to lose weight or face action


ISLAMABAD: The overweight SHOs posted at police stations of Capital Territory Police Islamabad have been warned to lose weight and keep themselves physical fit as per Police Rules.

“It has been observed with great concern that the police officers particularly posted as SHOs in various police stations of the capital police are overweight having waist more than 40 inches. They are not physically fit for the police department and do not pay attention towards their physical fitness and turnout, which is mandatory for the disciplined force like police,” said a notification issued by the office of Inspector General Police, Islamabad, as reported by the state-run wire service.

It added that departmental action shall be initiated against the SHOs who will not reduce their extra weight and waist and fail to achieve desired physical fitness.

According to a circular issued from the office of the inspector general of police, senior superintendents of police and moharrars (station clerks) should be replaced with officials who are university graduates.

The directives were issued after they were requested by the minister of interior in an earlier meeting, police officials said.

During the meeting, it was asked that educated officials should be posted at the police’s front desk. In addition, computer literate women should also be posted at the front desk when required.

Police high-ups have emphasised the physical fitness of police officers as well as the posting of well-educated officials as station clerks at all of the capital’s police stations.



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