Sunday, October 2, 2022

KSA launches ‘nature-inspired’ designs for gateway island Shurayrah


Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has reportedly approved the Coral Bloom concept for its main hub island in Shurayrah, designed by The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) to blend in with the island’s pristine natural environment.

TRSDC chief executive John Pagano said as he joined MBS in the ceremony, “We expect guests to be awed by what they see when they first arrive at The Red Sea Project, enjoying a truly immersive barefoot luxury experience.”

The Coral Bloom designs, created by lead architect Foster + Partners, take inspiration from the incredible flora and fauna found uniquely in Saudi Arabia, promise to make that vision a reality.

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“Shurayrah Island is the gateway to The Red Sea Project, so it’s important, that it sets the standard in groundbreaking architecture and sustainable design, not just for our destination, but globally too. This is achieved by going beyond simply protecting the environment, to applying a regenerative approach,” it was said.

Protect and enhance

Biodiversity considerations take centre stage, with the plan designed to avoid disruption of the island’s mangroves and other habitats, providing natural defences from erosion, while new habitats are created through landscaping to enhance the island’s natural state.

The proposal also outlines designs for the island’s 11 hotels, adapted to suit traveller expectations post-Covid-19 including more space, and immersed into the landscape to effectively form part of the sweeping dunes, allowing the island’s natural beauty to reign supreme.

The design sees new beaches created on the dolphin-shaped island along with a new lagoon. These enhancements will contribute to raising the level of the land, providing a defensive layer from the global threat of rising sea levels. Importantly, the changes aim to preserve or enhance what already exists on the island, without damaging any habitats or natural shores.


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