Thursday, August 11, 2022

Sindh govt changes business closure days once again


KARACHI: The Sindh government on Friday once again revised its strategy over the closure of business activities across the province, ARY News reported.

According to a notification issued by Sindh home department, all the markets, bazaars, shopping malls  and businesses will now remain closed on Fridays and Sundays instead of Saturdays and Sundays.


“In the department’s order of even number dated 17,5,21, the closed days may be read as Friday and Sunday instead of Saturday and Sunday,” read the notification.

On the other hand, markets remained open and traders continued their business activities today as the provincial home department issued the notification in the afternoon.

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Earlier on April 22, the Sindh Home Department had once again changed the business closure days to Friday and Sunday. In a new notification, the provincial authorities had changed the business closure days to Saturday and Sunday in the Karachi division.

The government had changed business closure days at the request of the business community.

Previously, the provincial government had ordered the businesses to remain close on Saturday and Sunday.


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