Friday, August 19, 2022

Sindh govt may give Rangers powers where, when desired: Khursheed


“Whatever steps will the Sindh government will take in the matter of extension of duration of Rangers special policing powers in Karachi it would be within the constitution,” he said while talking to media in Tando Muhammed Khan.

He said the provincial government will give Rangers powers where it will find it fit and Rangers could take action at that place on the government’s call for establishment of peace.

The opposition leader clarified that joint opposition had nothing to do with anti-government movements. If somebody wanted to launch anti-government campaign then it would be his personal political policy, however if the government continued its practice of adamancy then the joint opposition will be left with no other option.

To a query, he said prime ministers of at least three countries had resigned over the Panama Leaks.

“Public pressure is increasing by the day on people having name in Panamagate worldwide, therefore we want to resolve this issue in Pakistan as well,” he said.

Khursheed Shah said eight meetings had been held on the issue of Panamagate which came out abortive. The government’s dalliance was making this issue complex.

In the end, the senior PPP leader said replied to a query: “The ruling party of federal capital also wins Azad Kashmir elections.”


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