Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Sindh is the country’s most corrupt province, says SC


ISLAMABAD: Sindh is the country’s most corrupt province, said Justice Gulzar Ahmed of the Supreme Court on Thursday.

A bench under his stewardship was hearing a case pertaining to the Sukkur Press Club in Islamabad.

Over the course of the hearing, the SC judge remarked every department of the Sindh province is suffering from corruption. “Not a single rupee of Sindh’s budget is spent on the public for whom there is nothing in the province,” he lamented.

He, referring to HIV outbreak in Larkana, feared that the entire city will test positive for the epidemic slowly.

“Sukkur city is in ruins. It is the hottest city yet people live in multi-storey buildings there. Neither is there electricity nor water,” Justice Gulzar said, adding there would be violence if the people won’t get basic amenities.

“Why don’t you pull down high-rises,” he asked, pointing to Sukkur’s mayor. He observed that high-rises can’t be constructed in cities which experience sweltering heat during summer.

The judge said they will turn their attention to Sukkur once they are finished with issues of Karachi.


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