Thursday, October 6, 2022

Singer Ali Hamza on Ali Noor’s health; “There’s only good news”


Musician Ali Noor’s brother Ali Hamza took to Twitter to share that there’s only good news regarding the front man’s health amidst claims that his condition is worsening.

“Just requesting everyone not to make any further conjectures about Ali Noor’s condition until we formally come out with a statement. Which will be very soon IA! And yes, it’s only good news!,” he wrote.

This is a sigh of relief for fans who were anxiously waiting for an update on Noor’s health.

The singer of the popular rock band Noori was admitted to the hospital earlier in the week after he was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. It deteriorated into acute liver damage for which a liver donor was required.

Noor’s uncle, Azam Jamil, shared an update on Twitter about his frail condition which he has deleted now.

Hamza requested him to refrain from commenting and making conjectures on Ali Noor’s situation and let the family update the public.

Here’s hoping the Manwa Re singer recovers soon.


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