Thursday, October 6, 2022

Singer Ali Noor diagnosed with Hepatitis A; fans send prayers


Musician Ali Noor of the popular rock band Noori has been admitted to the hospital as he was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. 

His cousin Rakae Jamil disclosed on Tuesday that Noor has been diagnosed with an acute kidney failure and the family is looking for liver donors.

“Need a liver donor for Ali Noor in the next 48 hours. Blood groups..Only B +ve, Be -ve, O+ve, O-. In Islamabad …please it’s urgent.”

Concerned fans and celebrities shared the post on social media to spread the word and to campaign for Noor’s recovery. A lot of people also reached out to the musician’s friends and family.

The singer’s uncle, Azam Jamil, shared on Twitter that “Ali Noor is seriously ill as doctors messed up his hepatitis treatment.” Noor’s Hepatitis A deteriorated into acute liver damage for which a liver donor from the age of 18 to 45 is required, as per reports.

Noor’s brother and band member, Ali Hamza took to Facebook to issue some clarifications and told fans not to panic.

“He has suffered an intense bout of Hepatitis A. There is possibility of liver damage, but he’s being monitored by the best in the business,” Hamza wrote.

Hamza clarified that liver donors can only be family members as per the law but “the doctors are saying that we do need to have people on standby.”

“We are already seeing [an] improvement in Ali Noor’s condition. What we need are prayers from everyone that Ali Noor recovers in full form! Yes to all family members and extended family members we are communicating that if they are a match (O +/-, B +/-) they should connect with us,” said the statement.

The Manwa Re singer’s family requested prayers for his recovery.


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