Thursday, June 30, 2022

Siraj demands biometric system in NA-246 by-polls


“I have not come to conquer the megapolis, rather the purpose of my visit is to heal the wounds of Karachi populace,” Siraj ul Haq said during his address with legal fraternity here. “We talk of love, not of enmity with anyone.”

He alleged that Muttahida Qaumi Movement gifted unrest to the megapolis, people were made to fight with each other and this is why Altaf Hussain does not wish to return to Karachi.

Siraj also claimed to transform ‘Ajmal Pahari into Ajmal Siddiqui’.

The JI emir called for making the Karachi by-election transparent, asking the authorities to hold NA-246 by-polls under a biometric system.

He slammed the government saying that it is not the countrywide general elections; by-polls are being held in just one constituency and questioned is the government so poor that it is unable to provide biometric system in a single constituency.


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