Thursday, October 6, 2022

Situation almost defused with mourners if wasn’t for a certain group, CM Jam Kamal claims


QUETTA: Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan said Friday of the Hazara Community prosecution that their people have been targets of such afflictions in the past multiple times but this has slowed down in the past two- to three years.

Present in the program Sawal Ye Hai, the Chief Minister said he received the list of demands by the protestors out of which some were concerned with the federal government which have been passed on to them. For those that were for the provincial government, however, we have started materializing them, he added.

The protestors want to discuss with relevant people the demands they have raised with federal government, while as far as the demands they raised with us, we have heard them, Jam Kamal said.

He further said the government is taking steps to heighten the security of Hazara Community and we are sitting with the protestors in their sit-ins.

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We are trying our best to address the issues and said the Prime Minister will visit the mourners as well, he said.

Jam Kamal said he will again reiterate it with PM Imran Khan to soon visit the protesters.

Linking the mourners’ demands with PM visit is not fair, Jam Kamal said, adding that when they negotiated the terms with the bereaved it went smooth but then a certain group refused to let the situation defuse and that is why the sit-ins perpetuated.

I will however convey this to the PM to visit the mourners soon, he added.


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