Sunday, November 28, 2021

Six blunders that make you look aged


1. Sleeping on your side. Train yourself to sleep on your back as sleeping on any other side in fetal position makes your skin bad. Experts say that pressing your face into the pillow for hours while sleeping causes wrinkles.

2. Stress: Taking a lot stress and keep yourself deprived from sleep also make you look older. Stress keeps the body in fighting state that makes most the nutrient and oxygen go to the other major organ but not to skin. So it is a proven thing that chronic stress and anxiety lead to sagging skin and wrinkles.

3. Usage of Sunscreen: There is no doubt that sunscreen protects your skin from sun rays but it is also a fact that these sunscreen can cause damage to the skin as they don’t block UVA rays which cause fine lines and brown spots on skin.

4. Sipping through Straw: Sipping the soda or coffee out of a straw causes extra wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth this also happens to the cigarette smokers as the angle is the same. Avoid making such posture for a long term.

5. Weight gain or loss: Weight gain and loss both make skin loose, weight gain stretches your skin. Whereas being too skinny gives you aged appearance as the loss of facial fat leads to sagging skin.

6. Rubbing your eyes: Darkness around the eyes is also caused by pulling, tugging and rubbing on delicate skin. The pigment changes as you age and rubbing your eyes can add years to your appearance.

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