Thursday, August 11, 2022

WATCH: Skateboarder’s video of near-miss incident goes viral


A skateboarder’s video of a near-miss incident went viral on social media platforms that showed him in his neighbourhood skatepark coming off a rail and heading straight for a much smaller skater.

The 26-year-old Montreal skateboarder, Marc-André Séguin, posted the unexpectedly heartwarming video to TikTok and Instagram that has been viewed by millions of netizens.

skateboarder near-miss viral video montreal skatepark tiktok

He said, “I’m six feet and weigh 200 pounds,” adding that instead of knocking the youngster over, which could have led to injury, he plucked the youth right off their board without missing a beat.

Séguin then continued with his momentum and did a frontside boardslide transition on a ramp before putting the kid right back onto their own board as though nothing ever happened.

skateboarder near-miss viral video montreal skatepark tiktok

While Séguin said he’s performed the manoeuvre hundreds of times, he admitted that doing it while carrying another person was definitely a first.

Séguin said his years of experience in crowded parks, as well as years of urban snowboarding, helped him avoid the collision.

skateboarder near-miss viral video montreal skatepark tiktok

“I’m always looking ahead,” he said. “I always look out for younger kids.”

Séguin said for him, it’s all part of the culture of respect that can be found in the skateboarding community, describing it as welcoming and inclusive.

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Séguin only posted it on social media some two weeks ago, although the near-miss incident was captured on camera late last summer.

While talking to Global News, Séguin appeared equal parts surprised and amused about all the attention it’s been getting. He said that it just went viral, adding that he has no plans to pursue internet fame.

Instead, he plans to focus on his studies to become a linesman.


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