Monday, July 4, 2022

VIRAL: Skydiver videocalls parents moments before jumping out of plane


An Irish skydiver named Roger surprised his parents Pat and Mary by calling them right before skydiving from a plane. The video, originally shot in 2015, has started doing rounds over social media recently.  

The viral video shows Roger calling his parents right before jumping off the plane and making his parents a part of his experience.

many people call their parents to show them places they are visiting but talking to your parents while you fall 14,000 feet from the sky is something that does not happen very often.

“Okay so I am going to jump out of an aeroplane now so, I will talk to you in a second,” he says before jumping from the plane.

His father can be heard saying, “Can you hear a word he is saying?” He asks, “Is he in an aeroplane or what?”

“Oh no! He is jumping out of an aeroplane,” his mother exclaims. Still trying to process that his son is currently falling from the sky, Pat says, “I thought he was in a bus!” He added, “He is doing a selfie coming down in the f**king aeroplane.”

Watch the clip here:

Mary, Roger’s mother, takes a photograph of the screen, while Pat jokingly says, “And we thought you missed us!” As Roger lands, Mary claps in joy and a tad bit of shock that still lingers.

Social media users were overwhelmed to see the interaction between Roger and his surprisingly happy parents.

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“You can tell his parents are fun as hell,” one user commented, while another one wrote, “Can we talk about how freaking hilarious and adorable his parents are?


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