Friday, May 27, 2022

Sohail Khan and Seema Khan file for divorce after 24 years of marriage


Actor and producer Sohail Khan and her wife Seema Khan have filed for a divorce after 24 years of marriage. 

The Bollywood couple filed for divorce in Mumbai family court on Friday.

Sohail and Seema tied the knot back in 1998 and are parents to two children.


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Rumours about the couple’s separation have been circulating for a while now. In a recent Netflix show ‘Fabulous lives of Bollywood wives’ Sohail and Seema were seen living in separate houses, which spiked their separation rumours.

After the airing of the show, Seema had said that they are in an ‘unconventional marriage.’ She added, “I will just say this much, because it’s out there, that whatever you see in the show, is the absolute truth. It is what it is, that’s all I want to say about it.”

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She addressed the conjecture regarding the status of their marriage on the show as well. She said that “It’s just that sometimes when you grow older, your relationships meander and go into different directions. I make no apologies about it because we are happy and my kids are happy. Sohail and I are not a conventional marriage but we are a family. We are a unit. For us, he and I and our children matter at the end of the day,”



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