Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Some important facts related to environment- (UNEP)

  • About 350m jobs around the world are linked to the oceans
  • 90% of people who derive livelihoods from fishing live in developing countries.
  • About 46,000 pieces of plastic are estimated to be afloat on every square mile of ocean.
  • 1bn people in developing countries depend on fish for their primary source of protein.
  • Over 400 dead zones-where nothing can live-exist in today’s oceans, covering 95,000 sq miles.
  • One third of the food produced in the world annually which is 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted.
  • Trees help reduce air pollution and can help conserve energy by shading a home in the summer and creating a windbreak for the winter.
  • Human carelessness accounts for about 90% of all forest fires.
  • More than 80% of sewage in developing countries is discharged untreated, polluting rivers, lakes and coastal areas.
  • Air pollution linked to 1 in 8 deaths worldwide
  • Despite improvements in some regions, water pollution is on the rise globally.


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