Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Sonakshi Sinha does her own stuff on the ramp


What was meant to be a simple ramp walk turned into a Bollywood fest with Sonakshi breaking into bhangra and some Bolly moves on the ramp, Deccan Chronicle states.

Clearly she wanted to add her own touch to the show. If that wasn’t enough, she went and shook the models out of their stiff poses until they joined her in her dance. The audience looked both amused and surprised.

A source present the event said, “Sonakshi entered the runway to no music and as there were live folk percussionists on stage she made them start playing while she broke into some bhangra moves. She then convinced the prim and proper south Mumbai crowd to clap and do the bhangra with her.

Later, when the models took their final position on ramp, looking all stiff and serious, Sonakshi went and physically shook them to make them join the dance.

Designer Tarun Tahiliani was thrilled. This was his first interaction with Sonakshi and he didn’t


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