Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Son screams during female TV anchor’s live coronavirus report 


A television anchor drew praise for maintaining her composure as her son ran on camera just as she was about to readout her report during live broadcast.

It happened when Emmy-winning WFTV anchor Martha Sugalski was reporting live from her home and was just about to deliver the latest coronavirus safety tips for taxi and ride share drivers, when the high-pitched, off-camera screaming started.

A second later, Sugalski’s six-year-old son, Heaton, could be seen running behind her screaming out loud as her mother apologized for the incident.

‘Sorry about that,’ Sugalski said as she delivered the report with a straight face, looking directly into the camera the entire time amid continued screaming in the background.

Later, the news anchor’s older son, Maxwell, tweeted an apology to his mom. ‘Sorry for knocking on the door and scaring Heaton,’ he wrote, prefacing the mea culpa with ‘Hahahahaha.’ Sugalski jokingly replied: ‘Thanks Maxwell, you are out of the will now!’

Later in the broadcast, Sugalski brought a quieted-down Heaton on camera.

Pulling him into a hug, she said: ‘You know It’s tough working from home, but so many people were worried about sweet Heaton. You’re okay buddy, right?’

As the child nodded, she added with a laugh, ‘He was worried he was going to lose dessert for running into the 5.30 news hit.’

‘Never, I got you!’ Sugalski’s co-anchor, ‘Uncle’ Greg Warmoth, told the boy from the news studio.   ‘I was scared,’ Heaton said.

You’re not in trouble, you know that, right? You get dessert,’ Sugalski replied.  Warmoth smiled and waved at the kid, noting that ‘it is a perfect example of what people are doing, the new normal and its very abnormal.’


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