Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Speaker is instructed to turn off Bilawal’s mic in the house, says ex-PM Ashraf


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Peoples Party leader and ex-premier Raja Pervez Ashraf said Monday that when party chairman Bilawal Bhutto speaks in the parliament the government instructs the hosue speaker to switch off the mic, ARY News reported.

We have asked the speaker to give out equal time to opposition legislators as well, said the ex-PM, adding that when the opposition leader does not even get the mic to speak and when our party leader avails the opportunity to speak, it’s signaled to the speaker to switch if off.

Former premier Ashraf hinted the opposition can table a no-confidence motion against the speaker as well.

Whether it is a House Speaker or the Prime Minister, we are considering the options of bringing in the no-confidence move.

He also noted that the fulfilling of the quorum on any parliamentary session convened is the responsibility of the government.

Now is it also expected of the opposition to fulfill the quorum of the house, he asked.

Separately on the Pakistan Democratic Movement front, the PPP leader said it was said from the outset that the alliance will exhaust all its options.

No matter if we were cheated before or if we are cheated now, we will not leave the democratic practices, he said.

READ: PM Imran summons joint parliamentary party meeting of PTI, allied parties

Separately to happen today, Prime Minister Imran Khan summoned a joint parliamentary party meeting of ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and its allied parties.

According to the details, the joint parliamentary party meeting of PTI and its allied parties will be held in Parliament House with PM Imran in the chair. The session will begin at 2.00 pm.

All the lawmakers of PTI and its allied parties have been asked to ensure their presence in the important meeting.

The meeting will formulate a plan for the different legislations and upcoming Senate elections.

Prime Minister Imran Khan will take the parliamentary party leaders into confidence regarding different government decisions.

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