Thursday, January 20, 2022

States offer a big reward for removal of this stinky pear tree


A Callery pear tree, also known as Pyrus calleryan, stinks so badly that some US states are now offering a big reward for its removal.

The tree has become a nuisance for several people living in the US state of Maine.

The South Carolina Forestry Commission is offering a reward of five new trees to anyone who is willing to get rid of their Callery pear tree.

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This tree is not native to the United States (US) and was brought to the country from several Asian countries in the 1900s.

By the 1960s, the trees were seen in many suburbs across the states for their attractive white blossom.

It is a species of pear trees that are native to China and Vietnam. It came to be known as ‘Bradford’ pear tree in the US.

The trees have been dubbed as invasive species for outnumbering many native plants and trees in Eastern and Midwestern regions in North America.

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Officials from the state are planning to outlaw the pear tree by 2024 due to its disastrous effect on the native species in South Carolina.

They are offering rewards to people for the removal of existing Callery pear trees.


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