Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Regulators: Stephen King’s bestseller to get film adaptation


American author Stephen King’s bestselling 90s novel ‘The Regulators’ is being made into a movie by Bohemia Group.

Bohemia Group has achieved the rights to the top-selling sci-fi horror story by Stephen King – which he wrote under his pseudonym, Richard Bachman – for yet another movie adaptation of a horror novel by the prolific author.

King, who is the most adapted author of all time, also confirmed the news to a foreign-based entertainment outlet. “I’m delighted that the excitement of ‘The Regulators’ is coming to the screen,” King told the portal. “This is going to be good.”

About the project, Susan Ferris – CEO of Bohemia Group – stated, “We could not be more thrilled than to be working with the prolific Stephen King and his team on this project.”

“The novel’s themes and characters resonate so powerfully, and we are looking forward to making an incredible film.”

Moreover, it is being said that writer George Cowan has been tapped to pen the King-approved script for the Western thriller, to be produced by Justin Ross (Bohemia Group’s Executive Vice President) for the big screen.

“Working with Stephen King is a long-time wish fulfilled,” said Ross about the feat. “Susan [Ferris] and George [Cowan] and I look forward to doing the novel and its author proud.”

The big-screen adaptation will follow the plot of the original work by Stephen King about “a single street in a quaint suburban Ohio town thrown into chaos as vans containing shotgun-wielding ‘regulators’ terrorize the residents and force them inside.”


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