Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Video showing stranger offering money to lure children shocks people


A video showing a stranger offering money to lure three children towards him at the backyard of their house has gone viral as horrified parents shared it online to remind others about potential danger of abuse or other criminal activity.

The video captured on the family’s backyard camera shows a stranger in a hoodie walking past by the their residence’s fence in Liberty, an area in United States. As he comes near to it, a two-year-old child could be heard screaming at him.

” You don’t live at our house,” the minor said as the could be seen approaching the fence with cash in his hands.

The hooded stranger then reaches over the fence and sounds as though he is offering the two-, four-, and six-year-old children cash to buy candy.

“It would be one thing if he just kind of said something to my kids in passing,” the father said. “But it crosses the line when you reach over the fence and start trying to offer them cash or whatever.”


The young children wisely tell the man that he shouldn’t be talking to them without their parents present.

The man then pushes the issue, apparently urging them to take the cash and give it to their mother. After the children repeatedly refuse, and keep their distance from the fence, the man eventually leaves.

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The family has shared the video online while concealing their identity over safety reasons.

He said that although nothing happened but what if the man was a predator  trying to lure the children near the fence.

The man believed to involved in the act was later arrested but the authorities said that they did not find any criminal intent in the entire episode after questioning the suspect.


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