Saturday, August 20, 2022

Stray dogs bite 24 children in Shangla district


SHANGLA: At least 24 children were bitten by stray dogs in tehsil Alpuri of Shangla, citing sources ARY News reported on Saturday.

The girls and boys were walking to school in the morning when stray dogs attacked them.

The children bitten by dogs have been shifted to the DHQ hospital in Shangla, rescue sources said.

“The condition of children have been out of danger and they have been injected anti-rabies vaccine,” hospital management said.

Local people have demanded the authorities to take action against the increasing menace of stray dogs, which were freely roaming in the area.

Earlier, at least 12 people including children and an elderly citizen were reportedly bitten by stray dogs in Peshawar in July.

Twelve dog bite cases reported in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa capital city during the period of one hour. The affected people include four children, seven adults and an elderly citizen.

According to the spokesperson of Khyber Teaching Hospital, 12 patients brought to the teaching hospital’s emergency ward who were bitten by stray dogs. The incident took place in the vicinity of two to three kilometres.

The spokesperson said that the teaching hospital has sufficient stock of anti-rabies vaccines.

Earlier in June, 26 people including women and children had been bitten by stray dogs in Larkana in a single day.

The stray dogs had mauled 26 people in different areas of the Larkana district. The affectees included 13 men, six women, and seven children.

The victims had been shifted to the Chandka Medical Hospital for medical treatment where they had also received vaccines against dog-bite.


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