Saturday, August 13, 2022

Stray dogs turn shiny blue in Russia


A group of stray dogs believed to have turned blue from pollution have been spotted near a disused factory in Russia.

The strange coloring of the animals is thought to have been caused by chemical waste near an abandoned Soviet-era factory in Dzerzhinsk.

The disturbing photos of the dogs were clicked by local residents near the factory in Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo, an abandoned unit that was closed six years ago due to financial problems.


It was once a large chemical production facility that made hydrocyanic acid and plexiglass.

The factory’s bankruptcy manager, Andrey Mislivets, denied the images’ authenticity, claiming they were a joke.

He said the stray animals could have found some copper sulfate, a type of chemicals that can cause inflammation, as they walked through the abandoned buildings in the area.

“They may have found and rolled in the remains of some old chemicals, and it may have been copper sulfate,” the chief said.

“A similar thing happened a few years ago when stray dogs were given unnatural“ dyes ”.

‘They must have found something. Nobody checks them. ‘

He added that no one was checking the dogs and the company could not arrange for the capture and sterilization of animals.


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