Saturday, September 24, 2022

WATCH: Female students praised for standing against Indian police


Two Indian female students are regarded as sheroic as they led the protest against the Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB) and also saved their male fellow students during a worst Indian police onslaught against Jamia Millia Islamia University students in Delhi, capital of India on Sunday.

Top Indian journalist Barkha Dutt talked to the two students over their sheroic behaviour during the testing times without backing off.

The two have been identified as 22-year-old Ayesha Renna and Ladeeda Fazana.

When asked if they felt threatened during the police onslaught while leading the rally or saving a male friend, the two replied that they bow their heads before the one God that is Allah and fear none other than him.

“We do not have any fear other than the fear of lord.” the two said rejecting any fear from the government or police.

To a query as to why it is important for the students to protest over the CAB issue, the girls replied that it is now a matter of existence for them as they first remained silent over the scrapping of article 370 in Kashmir.

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“We remained at peace at that time and then came the Babri Mosque verdict which led us to lose our complete faith on judiciary,” they said.

The female students further expressed their fear that the Indian government plans to expand this Citizen Amendment Bill to the entire India, targeting Muslims.

Although it is now confined to Assam but we fear that after the CAB they will be targeting the Muslims in entire India, said the two female students, who hails from Indian state of Kerala.

To a question, the both replied that they were married and their husbands are very proud and supportive of what they are doing.

Giving message of remaining strong and raising their voice to other women, Ayesha Renna said: “If you see any injustice in society do not think of you are a woman. Men will be making you sit inside and slow down your voice because women are asked to make their voices low and respect men.”

She said that the women should trace their voices and raise it wherever they want to raise it.


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