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Sukesh Chandrashekhar claims gifting BMW, house to Nora Fatehi


The infamous conman, Sukesh Chandrashekhar has claimed that he gifted a BMW car to Bollywood diva Nora Fatehi and also gave her money to buy a house in Morocco.

After the ‘Street Dancer’ actor turned witness in the INR200 crore extortion and money laundering case against Sukesh Chandrashekhar and claimed that she was approached by the latter to be his girlfriend in exchange for a house, the conman has hit back at the celebrity with some fresh revelations.

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Speaking to the media earlier this week, Sukesh revealed, “Today she [Nora Fatehi] talks about me promising her a house, but she already has taken a large amount from me to purchase a house for her family in Casablanca, Morocco.”


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He also claimed that these ‘stories’ are being crafted by Fatehi to escape law following her earlier statement to ED officials.

Chandrashekhar even told the reporters that Nora claiming she did want a car but did not take it for herself ‘is a very big lie’, and instead she was after him to ‘gift’ her a new car as her previous car looked ‘cheap’ and needed to be changed.

“So then we [Fatehi and Chandrashekhar] selected the car I gave her, and the chats and screenshots are very well with the ED, so there is no lie at all. In fact, I wanted to give her a Range Rover, but as the car was not available in stock and she wanted it urgent, I gave her the BMW S series, which she kept using for a long time,” the conman divulged.


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“As she was a non-Indian, she asked me to register it on the name of her best friend’s husband Bobby’s name.”

He concluded by saying, “Me and Nora never had a professional transaction.”

It is pertinent to mention that the statement from Chandrashekhar came days after Fatehi revealed in her testimony that she was ‘promised a big house and luxurious lifestyle’ by the former if she agrees to be his girlfriend.

Nora Fatehi says Jacqueline was ‘waiting in line’ for Sukesh’s offer

For those unversed, Bollywood starlets Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi among several other budding actors were named as accused in the multi-million rupees extortion case, for receiving luxury gifts from the crime proceeds.

Last month, Fatehi sued Fernandez over defamation grounds, accusing her of criminally tarnishing the actor’s career for self-interests, knowing they are in the same profession with similar backgrounds.


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