Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Top FCS official confesses close ties with Uzair Baloch: JIT


According to a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report received by ARY News, the former official of the FCS has made several shocking revelations during a recent interrogation.

The JIT report said Siddiqui purchased two Kalashnikovs in the year 2009, with the help of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza on the basis of the Speaker National Assembly quota. Whereas, 25 sub-machine guns were taken out of the police arms depot on the orders of Mirza, which were later handed over to Afaq Ahmed and Uzair Baloch.

It has also been mentioned in the JIT report that weapons used in the Safoora Goth incident were also provided by Sultan Qamar Siddiqui. The culprits of the tragic incident Tahir Sain, Faraz Bhugio and Ali Tariq Niazi also took refuge at Sultan Qamar Siddiqui’s residence.

Sultan Qamar Siddiqui has confessed that 30 to 40 per cent commission was being taken on every contract in fisheries, while at least 40 ghost employees were working in the Fishermen Cooperative Society during his tenure.

Former Vice Chairman Fisherman Cooperative Society (FCS) Sultan Qamar Siddiqui has been under rangers’ custody on charges of alleged corruption in fisheries and his ties with the Lyari’s gang war leader Uzair Baloch.


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