Sunday, March 26, 2023

Kathua rape case: Sunil Shetty suggests punishment for culprits


Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty, who has been admired for his acting on big screen as well as philanthropic activities in his real life, has suggested a punishment for culprits in the horrific Kathua rape case.

When, at an event, the Gopi Kishan protagonist was asked about inhuman rape and murder incident of minor Asifa Bano in a Hindu temple in occupied Kashmir, he was all furious on recalling the news.

He said had he been there, he would have murdered the culprit who committed such horrific felony.

“Honestly, it is damn cheap an act. (However) It is great to see the entire country stand up for justice. Blood literally boils on hearing such a thing happening in our country,” he said.

Sunil Shetty said being Indian they should be ashamed for repeatedly ignoring such grisly incidents. At the same time he expressed satisfaction for the country raised this issue on every platform this time.

Suggesting punishment for the culprit, the Hera Pheri star said the perpetrator should not be given a meager punishment.

“This should be such a (severe) punishment that the next time one would shiver from fear on even thinking about (committing) this,” he said.

“It is time that we change the system and for that we need to be united,” he added.

The murder of the eight-year-old Muslim girl, who was repeatedly raped while being held for five days in the city of Kathua in held Kashmir, including at a Hindu temple, recently sparked protests across India.


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