Monday, August 15, 2022

Sunni Tehreek ‘target killer’ confesses to attack on policeman


KARACHI: A member of the Sunni Tehreek has reportedly confessed to be involved in attack on several police officials and several incidents of target killing.

Taufiq alias Madari was arrested after police operation in Pirabad area of Karachi. He has reportedly made several startling disclosures during police interrogation.

He admitted that he was involved in an attack on police van near Powerhouse roundabout in North Karachi. He is also allegedly involved in numerous cases of extortion and other crimes.

He also made the shocking disclosure that he received five thousand rupees for the attacks on policemen.

The investigation report said that four of his accomplices identified as Faizan, Waqas, Shoaib and Ali Bengali are already under arrest.


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