Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Sunny Leone: Smoking is not cool. It is not good for your health


Sunny Leone has always stirred controversy owing to her chequered past or bold scenes in Bollywood flicks. However, recently the Mastizaade star has become a little responsible and issued a health advice for those who have not yet taken up the habit of smoking.

Leone, who appeared in a smoking advertisement, said smoking was not cool since she could narrate from personal experience.

“It was gross and disgusting,” she said, talking about her first smoking experience. “The thought was,’oh it’s cool and everyone is trying it.’ However, I soon realised that it is not for me. It never has been. When you are in school and college, you start smoking because of peer pressure or you think it is cool. It is not cool. It is not good for your health. It affects not just you but everybody around you as well.”

In order to further distance her fans and those who look up to her from smoking, the Bollywood actress narrated her father’s ordeal and how she had seen him suffer from cancer due to smoking cigarettes.

“This cause is close to my heart. My father passed away due to cancer from smoking cigarettes. I watched him every single day in hospital suffering in pain. I don’t think anyone should go through anything like that. Smoking is not worth it. It is your choice whether to stop or not. But for all youngsters who have not started smoking, my advice is, ‘please don’t pick it up. It is not cool,” she said.

The advertisement featured the tagline: “Each cigarette reduces 11 minutes of your life.”


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