Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Superhero movies that are 10 years old today


These superhero movies were released a decade ago and are a favorite among sci-fi lovers. From Marvel to DC these movies surely make us feel old as they celebrate their 10th birthday.

2008 witnessed a tremendous bunch of Superhero movies that made a significant mark in the SciFi world. From Marvel’s Iron Man to DC’s Batman these five superhero movies wowed the audience 10 years ago.

The Dark Knight

This superhero movie featuring DC universe’s Batman is known to be a masterpiece. Directed by Christopher Nolan this movie is a sequel to the 2005 movie Batman Begins. This movie also showcases the famous Joker.


Ironman is undoubtedly Marvel universe’s most celebrated Superhero. Played by Robert Downey Jr. who is known to be the Godfather of “The Avengers” series this movie surely has a huge place in the hearts of superhero fanatics.


The Incredible Hulk

A lab experiment went wrong, this superhero turns into a gigantic green monster when provoked. A favorite amongst kids and adults alike. The incredible hulk premiered 10 years ago today.



Fed up with the way of the world, this Superhero lets himself go and proves to be a major disappointment but with the help of a trusted friend and another superhero in hiding Hancock rises from the ashes to save the world.

Hellboy 2

A sequel to the 2004 Hellboy, this film showcases a group of American superheroes. Adopted by humans Hellboy is a resident of outer space.


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