Thursday, October 28, 2021

New Zealand quake ‘predicted’ eight days before it struck


WELLINGTON: A man has emerged, claiming to have predicted devastating quake in new Zealand a week before it struck on Sunday.

Nigel Antony Gray, in his Facebook post on November 6, warned of major earthquake on November 14 and blamed ‘supermoon’ for the catastrophe.

He claimed because the moon was closer to Earth than it had been for many years, its gravitational pull would be greater, making a quake ‘quite possible’.


The 7.5 magnitude quake struck near Christchurch on the evening of November 13, within the window he predicted a day before Monday night’s ‘supermoon’.


‘There was a recent large earthquake in Italy and as when one plate shifts it places stress on other plates, the chances of a big quake are higher for something down this end of the globe,’ the NZ man wrote.

His now-deleted Facebook post went viral soon after the quake hit, and his name has been discussed more than 38,000 times on Facebook, reported the Daily Mail.




Meanwhile, during the earthquake terrified residents saw bright flashing blue lights in the sky with several videos of the mysterious lights appearing online.

It was likely the rare ‘earthquake light’ phenomenon where rocks rub together as the Earth’s crust shakes, creating an electric charge.

WATCH: ‘Mysterious blue lights’ appear during quake in NZ

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