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Top court decides to indict Nehal Hashmi in contempt case on March 26


ISLAMABAD: Taking up fresh contempt of court notice, the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday decided to indict Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Nehal Hashmi on March 26.

A three-judge bench, headed by Chief Justice (CJP) of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar, heard a plea filed by Hashmi to seek review of the apex court’s disqualification order removing him as the member of Senate after awarding him one-month jail term in the contempt of court case.

During the court proceedings today, the PML-N leader appeared before the court in person and submitted a reply to the court.

The bench expressed discontent over the reply submitted by the Hashmi.

Justice Nisar then decided to indict the PML-N leader in the contempt notice on March 26.

This will be an exemplary decision, the chief justice remarked.

Last Hearing

At the last hearing on Wednesday (March 7), the top court issued a fresh contempt of court notice to Hashmi over his recent rant against the judiciary right after getting released from the prison.

Hashmi’s recently made inflammatory speech was also screened at the courtroom.

The former senator retracted his anti-judiciary remarks and insisted that he was acting upon the emotions of people.

“I was merely expressing the sentiments of people,” Hashmi told the bench.

At which, the courtroom erupted into gales of laughter.

Why should not the court give order to revoke your license as lawyer and member of the bar council, Justice Nisar inquired Hashmi.

To which, Hashmi replied that his children would die of hunger, particularly after his disqualification as the senator.

Justice Nisar then remarked that the one, for whose contentment he made anti-judiciary remarks, would take care of his children.

The bench then ordered him to submit his reply by next hearing on March 12.

As the hearing was adjourned, Hashmi’s lawyer Kamran Murtaza also excused pursuing his case.

Not ashamed of threatening speech

Speaking to media soon after getting released from Adiala Jail on Feb 28, Hashmi had alleged that he was victimized by the courts.

Launching another diatribe against the judiciary, Hashmi then said he stood by what he had said earlier.

Making a response to question asked by media whether he was ashamed of threatening speech, the former PML-N lawmaker said he wasn’t ashamed of what he said and maintained that the individuals, who were misusing their power, should be embarrassed.

The bench is hearing a petition filed by the PML-N leader seeking review of its previous order, disqualifying him as member of the upper house of Parliament and sentencing him to one month of jail term in a contempt of court case.

Last hearing

During the hearing on Tuesday, a video showing Hashmi railing against the apex court judges after his release was played in the courtroom.

After viewing his speech, the chief justice asked his counsel as to why his client should not be issued a contempt of court notice again over his remarks against the judiciary.

Why his punishment should not be enhanced and a case be registered against him, he questioned.

Kamran Murtaza, who represented Hashmi, tendered apology over his clients’ contemptuous remarks.

The bench directed Hashmi to appear before it in person at 1 pm to explain his position. CJP Nisar noted that he used objectionable language about judges after his release.

Hashmi’s threatening speech

Earlier, the court had found the PML-N leader guilty of committing contempt of court by threatening the Supreme Court judges.

The video of threatening speech at an event in Karachi went viral on social media and eventually drew instant reaction from the Supreme Court on May 28, 2017 after Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar took suo motu notice of the incident and summoned the former PML-N Karachi chapter leader to appear before the court.

In the video, Hashmi was seen warning opponents and officials of state institutions’ of dire consequences over conducting an investigation in line with the Supreme Court’s Panamagate verdict.

“…Currently you are on service, but tomorrow you will retire and we will make your life miserable,” Hashmi was heard in a video addressing workers at a party event.


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